Within the improvement and expansion of game industry, there has been a need for a set of rules to accomplish some fundamental requirements for the fun factor in games.


Many heuristics have been proposed so far, but none of them could provide the whole need for covering the issues related to usability and/or playability of video games. One of the answers for the reasons can underline the objectivity of the research and can be the adaptation problem to the rapid changes in the game platforms. This paper introduces a question, whether existing heuristics can be used to in the evaluation process of usability (and playability) on different platform experiences. If the answer is no, the possibility of whether the different control mechanisms on different platforms have an impact on that will be searched. With the result of these questions, the heuristics can be extended for different platform usages.


  • Applied heuristic evaluation on the game “Angry Birds” on different game platform
  •  Conducted playtest