With the advancements in technology and the invention of the Internet, the long-distance communication modalities have been changed significantly from visual or auditory only (telegraph / telephone) to the mixed one with digitized face-to-face video calls. This shift towards internet-based telecommunication broadened the limits of video conferencing methods through immersion experience. As the mediums change, how much we communicate also changes.


A competitive analysis of video call based long-distance communication applications or prototypes was conducted to gather ideas for a new MR supported video chat application design to improve the communication experience especially for international students who live distant from their families staying in the home country. First we conducted a ethnographic research where the aim was to gather, define, and prioritize the requirements for a new experience design for long-distance communication for international students and their families who stayed in the home country while the student left the country for education purposes. For this goal, user observation requirement gathering and interview methods were applied in their natural context to get some insights about the current needs of this target group. Then, based on the apps the participants are using and the information they provided, we conducted the competitive analysis.


  • Designed the coding sheet
  • Conducted competitive analysis
  • Documented design suggestions