For non-profit organizations it is much more difficult to get attention from the public (donors, volunteers, media and public) and keep this interest for long period of time.


In this project, with different strategy for managing the client relationship (clients, donors, volunteers) for NAMI Michigan, the National Alliance on Mental Illness Michigan branch, will come forward among many other affiliates (and may be other non-profit organizations) and become successful eventually.


  • Contacted with NAMI Michigan to understand their current needs in terms of CRM and their strengths, opportunuties, weaknesses and threats for SWOT analysis
  • Identified main problems for NAMI Michigan which are the lack of two-way communication and program accountability
  • Designed the proposed social platform for CRM, “NAMI Social”, to solve these problems
  • Contributed to the design of strategic plan for social media use to promote the platform
  • Presented NAMI Social as an example of CRM platform for non-profit organization


  • Strategic Plan of CRM
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Prototyping (Marvel App)
  • Literature Review
  • Social Media Campaign Design