The lack of concentration is one of the modern life issues and it is shown that it can be overcame by some daily training and basic rehabilitation. Moreover, people can always develop their level of concentration even if that level is not a problem for them. Can we use games to enhance our concentration?


BCES is a video game designed and developed for graduation project using Brain-Computer Interface device, Emotiv EPOC in the final year in Computer Engineering undergraduate study at Middle East Technical University (METU).

The main purpose of the BCES project is to create reliable concentration enhancement software using the neurofeedback technology (brain-computer interface device). The software follows and records the brain activities of the user (using EEG) for a long period and tries to increase the user’s concentration values efficiently. The two main components of the software, small but well designed concentration games and the artificial intelligent system with high planning capabilities that manage the game parameters, will provide an uncomplicated and entertaining training experience to the user.


  • Led the project development team
  • Contributed game design and development
  • Implemented GUI using SWT in Java
  • Assisted the integration of BCES device communication interface within Java application
  • Presented at the graduation projects demonstration at CENG METU